Wireless Pendant Microphones

Wireless pendant microphones from Cetacea Sound give you a hands-free way to amplify your voice when teaching and training. Our portable microphone for teachers is worn just like a necklace. While presenting, it's much easier to have both hands available in order to write on the board, go through a power point, pass back papers, or simply talk with your hands without having to worry about juggling a microphone or headset. Simply pair the wireless pendant microphone, connect to one of our speakers, and you're all set! Our portable microphones for teachers give you a better teaching experience, and your students get to reap the benefits of a more effective learning environment. View our microphone kits to get started!

Orbiter PodOrbiter Pod

Orbiter Pod

Orbiter wireless pendant microphone, ceiling receiver, mounting kit, speaker cable, triplex outlet adapter, charger, power supply

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Orbiter CommanderOrbiter Commander

Orbiter Commander

Orbiter wireless pendant microphone, desktop receiver, charger, power supply

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