Ceiling Projector Speaker Systems

If you're looking for ceiling speakers for sale, Cetacea Sound is the place to go. Our projector speaker systems make it easy to fill a small classroom or huge auditorium with consistent sound. They're easy to install, and they produce the same amount of sound as approximately four in-ceiling speakers. Ideal for education and training applications, our projector speaker systems are specifically designed with group listening in mind. Whether you're at school teaching a new lesson or at work presenting a new idea, take charge of the room. Check out our variety of ceiling speakers for sale to get started!

Astronaut CLAstronaut CL

Astronaut CL

Astronaut CL ceiling speaker, 40 watts, ceiling bracket, power supply

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Astronaut XLAstronaut XL

Astronaut XL

Astronaut XL ceiling speaker, 60 watts, ceiling bracket, power supply

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