New Orbiter Duo Team Teaching and Student Microphone

January 11, 2018

Introducing the Orbiter Duo system, a new version of the Orbiter Pendant Microphone software that allows for two microphones to connect to a single Orbiter wireless receiver. Great for team teaching and student presentations, the Orbiter Duo system adds more flexibility to your daily instruction and presentation needs.

"Teachers who routinely instruct with a partner can present simultaneously without the inconvenience of passing a microphone back and forth. Likewise, students and audience members can participate easier than ever, improving and elevating classroom discussion."

RJ Goetz, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Kits indicating "Duo" in the SKU include two microphones. Version 2 software now ships standard on all Orbiter Wireless Pendant Microphone systems. Previous Orbiter version 1 software (single microphone) is available by custom order.

Interested in upgrading your Orbiter system? Please contact 1-800-556-1922 for a quote.

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