Cetacea Sound Applies for Centré Fusion Patent

Astronaut CL & XL Now with Centre Fusion Technology

Cetacea Sound introduces the all-new Astronaut CL and XL classroom speaker system, now with Centré Fusion, a new Cetacea Sound technology that improves voice clarity in speaker designs.

“Often referred to as the “Holy Grail” of audio, authentic voice reproduction comes at a very high price,” according to Jim Goetz, President and CEO. “Centré Fusion overcomes the two main disadvantages of prior speaker designs that improve voice recognition: size and cost”, according to Mr. Goetz.

The Centré Fusion technique allows speaker designs to now be any size, shape, and power range and still bring audiophile quality to the everyday consumer. “Our technique,” Goetz added, “will find its way into every aspect of the audio world and every market from consumer electronics and home-theater to pro-audio and entertainment. And, it has no frequency response limitations.”

The first Cetacea Sound products to benefit from Centré Fusion technology are the company’s two lines of classroom speakers named the Astronaut CL and the Astronaut XL which are now shipping.

The company filed for patent protection on Centré Fusion September 27, 2011.

Updated System Numbers
Astronaut CL and XL are now available on LaunchPad. Please note: Astronaut CL system numbers have been updated per the following. Please update your records.

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