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Portable Classroom Audio System for Multimedia & Voice

The Ensémble portable classroom speaker system is for teachers, trainers, and professional presenters who value a lightweight audio solution for on-the-go teaching. Its unique, patented design delivers clear, evenly distributed sound to everyone in the room regardless of seating arrangement. Connect up to 3 simultaneous sources like a computer, iPod®, DVD player, projector, or microphone. Weighing less than 1 pound, the Ensémble speaker travels conveniently and is loud enough for presentations to 90 people.

Versatile for Many Presentation Settings

  • Education
    School Classrooms, eLearning, Assisted Listening
  • Training
    Computer Based Training and Video Conferences
  • Corporate
    Sales Presentations and Management Meetings
  • Government
    Training, Education, Public Speaking, Translations, Court Room and Public Safety Recordations

3 Source Inputs

The Ensémble’s 3-input mixer makes it easy to run a variety of multimedia and voice presentations. Connect up to 3 stereo or mono devices, including: microphones, projectors, DVD and CD players, computers or an iPod®.
Ensemble Portable Classroom Speaker Connections

Carrying Case for Traveling Convenience & Organization

The included carrying case is a wonderful convenience for staying organized while traveling. Made of tough, lightweight polyurethane foam, it secures the Ensémble from unexpected bumps on the road.
Ensemble Carrying Case

Voice Companion for Public Address

No other portable desktop speaker can deliver the voice clarity needed for high-impact presentations.
Learn more about public address.
Public Address
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