astronaut overview

The Simple Solution to High-Performance Classroom Sound

The Astronaut speaker system, distinguished by its elegant, circular design, is built from the ground up for classroom and projector sound enhancement. Mounted to the ceiling, its patented omni-directional acoustics ensure an even soundfield throughout the room. Combined with the most simple installation on the market, the Astronaut promises cost-effectiveness and superior performance.


Projector Projector Sound Enhancement
The Astronaut speaker transforms basic projector sound into full, classroom-wide audio required for high-impact presentations and enhanced classroom learning.
Voice Amplification Voice Amplification
The Astronaut is the only classroom speaker system that is pre-equalized for voice range, ensuring maximum speech intelligibility for improved student comprehension and learning.
Multimedia Multimedia Lessons
Connecting technology peripherals is simple with the built-in 3-channel mixer. From DVD's to whiteboards, the Astronaut ensures that every multimedia lesson is heard clearly.
360 360° Group Listening
The Astronaut is ideal for group listening because of its patented 360° acoustics. This technology enables everyone to hear correct sound regardless of where they are seated.


Astronaut CL Classroom Speaker System Astronaut XL Classroom Speaker System
Astronaut CL Astronaut XL
Total Classroom Sound Enhancement Audio for the Most Demanding Classroom
40 watts of classroom-wide sound enhancement. The choice for standard-sized classrooms and basic voice and multimedia instruction. Powerful, 60 watts of full-range audio for multimedia depth. The XL is for larger classrooms, cafetoriums, and computer labs.

Improved Student Learning

Astronaut speakers set the standard for speech intelligibility and word recognition in the classroom. Our patented audio designs have improved training and presentations for 15 years.
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Classroom Audio

Simple and Secure Installation

The included bracket allows quick and easy mounting to the ceiling.
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Installation Bracket

Save Green with Green Technology

The Astronaut uses 75% less energy consumption than traditional in-ceiling speakers with better performance and no sacrifice in loudness.
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Energy Efficient