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The CL is an elegantly designed, single-speaker solution for complete classroom-wide sound enhancement. From voice instruction to multimedia presentations, the CL's patented Astronaut technology ensures intelligible audio which leads to improved student comprehension and learning. Combined with the most innovative and simple installation system on the market, the CL promises cost-effectiveness and superior performance.

Product Features

  • Proven Astronaut electronics provide up to 1,500 sq. ft. of soundfield coverage
  • Omni-directional acoustics improve soundfields for group listening applications
  • NEW  Centré Fusion technology improves voice clarity
  • Pre-equalized for superior speech intelligibility
  • 3-channel mixer for projector, microphone, DVD, iPod®, computer, or whiteboard
  • 40 watts of classroom-wide sound enhancement
  • Simple below the ceiling installation with bracket
  • ENERGY STAR® power and internationally certified

Ordering Information

Choose from 3 Astronaut system packages for different power applications. Prior to installation, identify your room's power resources and source devices to determine any additional required cables or adapters. Information for installing the Astronaut can be found on the installation page.

system packages
part list sku # ASTRO-CLW001 ASTRO-CLD001 ASTRO-CLR001
Astronaut CL Speaker ASTRO-CL005
Ceiling Mount Kit CM-002
Wall Mount Power Supply FW-PSE1515W
Desktop Power Supply FW-PSE1515D
Power Extension Cord (30') ab-124
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